Series of Emails between June 2008 - September 2008

Beatrice Acevedo
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May 20 at 11:45am
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I saw you on "Are You Interested" (http://apps.facebook.com/yesnomaybe/?f=m) and wanted to say hi! 


Beatrice Acevedo
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May 30 at 1:58pm
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Hey there! Come stai? Tutto bebe, spero.
I did have a busy week. We are flooded with European tourists. I had to finish a new booking website in Europe to boost sales and I was bored to death calculating prices and loading them. when I wa sdone I could barely see!!
Thanks for the compliment. You are a cutie!
I will bite you again..
xoxo Bea  


Beatrice Acevedo
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June 13 at 2:44pm
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Grazie mille. Sei bravo e dolce anche te!
How are you? How did you survive the heat? Crazy, isn't it?
How it would be cool to be an airline pilot! Good luck with that.
Thanks for the compliment! You're too sweet!
You're right, Acevedo is Spanish. I still have my married name since due to immigration was unable to divorce. It has been 9 years of separation already! Never too late though..
Gotta visit NY one day. I'll show you around. Where do you live?
Ok, I'll bite you when you least expect it....Be afraid....
Enjoy the weekend.xoxo


Beatrice Acevedo
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June 13 at 10:30pm
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hey David. Come stai bello? Tutto bene,spero. Thanks for writing. You nade me feel so much better since I was pretty upset about something. Reading your message mad me smile. Grazie mille! Thanks for the compliments. Glad you wanna hug. I would not mind....You live in a nice area of Canada. Have you ever lived in the
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Beatrice Acevedo
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June 13 at 10:37pm
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sorry,I pressed the "send" button too fast! Have you ever lived in the US? What is your occupation? Are you single,married,divorced.......
.?Did you notice we were both in September one year apart? anyway,sono molto stanca adesso,allora ti llascio per il momento. Ci sentiamo presto mon amour. Buona notte. Bacci. Bea
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Beatrice Acevedo June 17, 2008 at 5:35pm Report
Hi Davey. You have no idea How happy I was to read your message and what a message it was. it almost felt like a letter. We already have another thing in common,we like talking. That sounds nice. Today I stayed home since I was feeling under the weather but you put a smile on my face.Tomorrow I am home too sinced my younger son Michael (we call him Mickey) is graduating from Kindergaarten. I had better take tissues just in case I have something in my eye.....you know what I mean. It was so moving when Joshua (10) graduated,especially when the kids sang "you are my sunshine"to their mom and brought you a rose! Mickey is 5. They're my little men,always there for me . They give me a lot of amore and joy. We have a lot fun together. They are as goofy as heir mom. I love joking and a little nuts sometimes. I believe a good sense of humor helps you go through any stress or problems more smoothly. I work with my best friends so we work hard but have fun. The atmosphere is laid back. No uniformsIPod welcome at the front desk. We're all goofballs who entertain the guests.I have lots of regulars. We make it very homey.My boss is a nutcase who is freaking out when something goes wrong but I pay no mind to him anymore. Actually I can imitate him very well (one of my talents). We were busy during the weekend but once again we are all the time. Excellent year for business. Xmas bonus should be great! You seem very busy yourself with your ob. Interesting how you got your inspiration! The other day I had a George Michael checking in with his wife but that was a regular Joe who happens to have that name! Now as far as my private life story is concerned my story is complicated. To summarize it my sons are from 2 different fathers. I married Joshua's father at the age of 26 and left him after 2 years of hell since he was abusive. Josh was a baby and does not remember him. I told him the story though. I believe honesty is important with kids. I lived with Josh for 2 years just the two of us. One day I met a man witth his ddaughter at the playground. We tallked and he seemed perfect for me since he was divorced with a child. I'll be honest with you since I like you. In the six years we haived togher we got separated twice which was my decision. He is an alcoholic and I can't live this way. The last time we came back together he begged me and promised he would stop. of course he still does it,not so bad but that is enough to upset me. I am not happy with him and lost all the love I had. It's a question of time before I break up for good . I would love to keep talking to you and get to know you better but I'll understand ifr you don't want nything do with me after what I told you. I really like you so I hope you're not upset.Just in case ,my cell is 917 684 8653. I am always alone in the evening. Tanti bacci per te. The little devil in the blue dress.
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Beatrice Acevedo June 19, 2008 at 11:02am Report
Hi Davey,
How are you today, Love?Well, I hope.
I saw wht you wrote about "being stung by a honey B" and you put a big smile on my face. That is sooo cute! I love it.
I hope what I told you in my last email did not throw you off.
Have a great day, Davey.
Tanti bacci.

Beatrice Acevedo June 20, 2008 at 5:48pm Report
Hi Davey. Thanks for writing. Once again you made me feel better. It took me two hours to do everything. I had to take the bus to see the doctor,wait a little,get the exam,a prescription, walk all the way back,go to Duane Reade to drop off the prescription,picked it up half an hour later to be told they rn out and could order it for Monday. Eh,hello my son's eye is about to pop out...can't wait. I found it in a tiny pharmacy up the block. God bless them They earned my business! Mickey might be drowsy a little. Maybe I'll take a nap with him.All the running around made me tired and hungry. I ate an entire bagel! Mick shoulld be better by tomorrow so we can go the backyard and play in the plastic pool. Beware of the devil with the watergun,she can shoot you right in the heart but you know that already,don't ya?lol. I will check the website and check what you have been up to in the sky! Thanks for the compliment about the Italian. Yea,I am a teacher,a really good one! That was funny what you said about your head inflated like a 'acy's balloon! You made me lol. tanti bacci cuore mio. Bea
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Beatrice Acevedo June 21, 2008 at 4:32pm Report
hi Davey. I need to let out my stress and sorrow right now and you are the only one I feel like talking to right now. My partner is terribly frunk right now. Has been drinking since last night with the excuse he is miserable because his twelve year old daughter won't see him. Obviously he hurt and damaged her which I told him but he won't recoginize it. We had a big fight and I told him I wa fed up with this miserable life and with him. He said to give him two months but I don't believe he wants to leave. I can't afford to move out. I am thinking about taking a loan and leave NY this summer and find another place to live. I want him out of my life. I am very unhappy. Please wait for me amore. I care about you a lot. You were on my mind,I could see your face as I had to listen to that bastard. Miss you. Wish I could hear your voice but that's not safe at the weekend. Let's talk on Monday and think about a plan. Adesso to lascio con tanti bacci tesore. It's safe to write on Facebook. I get it on my cell.

Yes you did! and God knows I needed it. My weekend was totally spoiled but I put the bastard back to his place. I have no intention to continue living like this and told him so. I am a happy, cheerful, optimistic person and can't stand negativity. Anyway, love it when you speak French. It's soo cute and sexy! ok, Beatrice...cool off!
That would be nice to hear your voice. I'll be waiting!
I just received a thank you postcard from a French couple who stayed with us last month. That is so sweet.
Have a great day at work, Amore mio. My day si going well. Shared laughs with buddies!
Ci sentiamo presto.


Beatrice Acevedo June 28, 2008 at 2:42pm Report
Hi Baby. Thanks for the message. I am glad you feel the same about me! I had a great time last night. I was in teats laughing. you gotta see this show when you come to NYC. I am spending time in the backyard with the kids,the landlady and her grandkids. we are having a blast in the pool. I am all wet! Took some night shots of the kids and also myself. You'll see them soon! Are you working today? Tony went out for a beer at the bar. He was up all night and day but I am enjoying my time with the kids,just us. I can'twait for you to be with us! I wish you were her now instead of him. We will have so much fun together. Ti amo con tutto il mio cuore.
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Hi Davey,amore mio. I had a nice afternoon with the kids until it started pouring so bad the whole living room and hallway got flooded. I had my feet completely in water. Il imbecile came back from the bar after I practically had soaked up all the water with towels and a sponge mop. We started arguing when he said we should not sanitize right away but let it air dry. Eh, hello the room is full of soil and worse! The tone of the voices went up. I told him I was tired living like this and could do better. Then he got really pissed. I went in the other room,paid no mind to him. when I came back he was passed out on the couch. Good ridance! God I want to be with you so bad! I hope we will meet face to face very soon. I wanna give you the best kisses you ever had in your life and much more. I wanna take your breath away and make your heart beat faster than the TGV my love. Ti amo. Non posso aspettare lunedi per sentire la tua dolce vocce. Ahem....more harpooning! Honey Bea

Beatrice Acevedo July 30, 2008 at 4:33pm Report
Hey Baby. I had a session with him myself! He did not stop calling me at the job to talk about the session he had with you on FB. I can imagine how lively it was. he would not stop texting either and since I was not answering he threatened to drive to the hotel with the kids and tell everyone what is going on. I told him not to do that for his own sake,that I going to call the cops. the bad news is that he is home today. He said he wanted to go to the hospital because of the excruciating pain in his ass. After I got home he went to a local doctor who gave him another appointment for tonight with a Gastroenterologist. Now he is passed out and he is supposed to be there at 6:30. I love you with all my heart Davey and I wanna be with you always. It is rough right now but we are almost there amore. You are the sweetest thing. I wanna hear your voice tonight! Honey Bea
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Beatrice Acevedo July 31, 2008 at 11:38am Report
Mon amour Davey,
It 's always nice reading a message from you in the morning when I start worlk. It litterally brightens my day.
Yeah, it was a little hard for me to talk last night. Sorry about that. I just want to avoid scenes in front of the kids until the situation is resolved.
We will catch up tonight! Soon we will do some real catching up...know what I'm saying???
I love you honeydew.
Honey Bea


Beatrice Acevedo August 6, 2008 at 7:24am Report
Bonjour, mon bebe
Really...your eyes are blurry staring? Wow...I'm glad you like the pics!
I feel the same exact way about you. I feel so blessed having you in my life, loving you and being loved by you in a way I imagined only existed in love novels and movies. You are truly the man I was looking for all these years. I don't have a a single doubt about that. Nothing or nobody can keep me away from you til the day I die.
Je vais te serrer dans mes bras pour toujours mon amour.
bisous, bacci...
Ta honey Bea.


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