345 86th St. Apt 322
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(917) 684-8653   beatricebel@hotmail.com
Beatrice Acevedo
To secure a position that allows me to offer my public relations, sales and language skills for company growth.
2001-present                         Mayfair New York Hotel                            New York, NY
Sales Manager
·     Aggressively pursues new business opportunities by prospecting, qualifying, negotiating and closing deals with new accounts.
·     Conducts persuasive verbal sales presentation to prospective clients.
·     Analyses and understands competition strengths and weaknesses.
·     Forecasts hotel’s occupancy and directs all sales efforts to maximize revenues, including outside sales calls and trade shows attendance.
·     Coordinates hospitality services with a focus on customer relation and accommodations.
·     Demonstrated ability to build positive client relationships. Known for maintaining a high client retention rate.
·     Conducts sales administrative duties such as weekly activity reports, maintenance of files and account history.

2000-2001                               Berlitz Language Center                             New York, NY
Student  Services Representative
·     Conducted first lesson interview.
·     Handled students’ questions and concerns.
·     Provided support for the Program Representatives.
·     Actively participated in the Berlitz Study Abroad Program including enrollment, scheduling, counseling and accommodation of foreign students.

1996-2000                               RGB Management                                 New York, NY
Assistant Manager / Customer Service Representative
·     Handled customers’ concerns and requests.
·     Conducted bi-weekly inventory.
·     Purchased, displayed and marketed merchandise.
·     Executed strategies that expanded sales.
Saint-Berthuin College                                                                        Malonne, Belgium
Major in Education ( French, English, Dutch )
Fire Safety Director Certificate of Fitness (FDNY)

Fluent in French, English and Spanish. Good knowledge of Italian.

Antonio Maldonado: Facebook account created by Beatrice

( replies from David in the "exchange " were omitted by his request )  

Antonio Maldonado
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July 24 at 7:09am
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Back off!

Antonio Maldonado
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July 24 at 7:17am
Report Message
am really into this crap meeting people on line but you touched a nerve. so I leave it like this S'vous plait, thats french . American English is alot different 

Antonio Maldonado
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July 24 at 7:42am
Report Message
Didnt expect this kind of reply 

Antonio Maldonado
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July 24 at 7:54am
Report Message
Stop u look like XXx BUT u you got my lady attention

Antonio Maldonado
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July 24 at 7:57am
Report Message
XXX the movie, you look cool plus seem to a Teacher

Antonio Maldonado
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July 24 at 8:02am
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Anyvvay just let me vvork things vvork out vvith my vvife(sorry but VV key dont vvork so I type vvith V instead.

Antonio Maldonado
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July 28 at 11:38am
Report Message
you are the only one am keeping off from beatrice .....vvelcome to NYC but she is or vvas invoved in her job ...it s a HOTEL vvhat do you excpect .Am doing this for my kids so they have to suffer and call every other Daddy. Trust me if I didnt have child vvith her I leave but she Trapped me .....ask her......I love my kids and I vvany them to have normal life...unlike me 

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 2:22am
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I 'll be as polite as am for. but sound you are runnin too, dont like your reality but you too be a man dont fuck somebody's life for your sake.stay your daughter needs you and deal your pain sound you takin the easy escape from your situation to start fresh unlike you I ll save the bullshit but sincerely I only have to say one thing to you, dont let me say it.trust me before I found about I doin fine till then you made everything complicatedshe forgot to tell u if I drink is because of people like you.

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 2:37am
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sorry u have no daughter I take that back I meant to say nothing am pretty pissed off sill I dont lose it insted Beatrice does and hits me sometimes but I tried to keep coherent and talk eventually she does but u dont fucking help. so expect a THANK YOU note from me 

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 8:23am
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I made my point I have nothing to say, I could respond to this but no.I rather stand my ground, you are right satan is laughing by this infantile conversation. you seen my priority and I "ll stand by it.cause deep inside am not a prick u 'll be surprised by the other me. I should not be talking to you. I "ll carry on and I should too instead of being like the French, pretend to be my my friend and then take my land. au revoir, ( hey I speak french, Italian too) 

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 8:37am
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PLEASE dont bring my past u have no right talk about ahora el presente I dont consider you my friend. but an invader rememebr that.are u stoned?

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 8:41am
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Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 8:47am
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For FYU the French failed 

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 8:54am
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Fuck you

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 9:58am
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Sorry Davey, but I promise this lady to love her till the end of time I fucked up here and there the 2 of us did itto each other but I the the end I love her...U can check me out on BLACKPLANET, SINGLEST>NET< MYSPACE.com VVILDFRIEND.com but I never hook up VVith nobody, as you must understab I VVas only cockteasing unfortunely she took it a step above. I "ll never cheat on her but she played this stupid game I could have done before. I dont cuz but u made me . understand. AM DONE

Antonio Maldonado
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July 30 at 10:08am
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I really #@%^&&** to see you soon 

Antonio Maldonado
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August 27 at 9:15am
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I feel better !  

Antonio Maldonado
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September 6 at 4:45pm
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U didnt get it I feel better not that manner think about it....as a dead man , u figure it out , just leave Beatrice the fuck alone and me too!!!! 

Antonio Maldonado
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September 9 at 7:20am
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I think i hit a note.

Antonio Maldonado
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September 9 at 7:35am
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Dont bother i got better thing to do than spend my time chasing a dream shes ur problem novv, enjoy her. i got to move on.

Antonio Maldonado
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September 8 at 5:53am
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u knovv , am think of u let it go n deal it

Her colleague at work : Joseph Brian Melton

From May to June , her colleague and friend sent David some disturbing emails : 

Joseph Brian Melton 18 June 2009 at 11:59 Report
This might be the last entry I do on “Face-book” because in a few days, (more or less) I will be dead or in jail. Why!?! You may ask. I got up this morning at 8:23 am to go do some much needed laundry. On the way to the local laundryman my youngest little girl text me to see how I was doing, being I thought this was a school day I asked her where she was. She said that she was in school but class has not started yet and she was thinking of me. We talked for some time when she tells me the mommy is acting weird. Weird? I asked. She told me that for the pass few night mommy think we are blind and dumb. Why? I press on. Because every time around 9:45pm when we are suppose to be in bed, she tells us to go to our rooms and don’t come out, a man comes by and hangs out in mommy’s room with the room locked. I asked; if you are in your room how you do know it’s a man? Because Joey’s (one of my sons) room is right next to hers and he said he had his door crack opened and he seen mom pull the man in and quickly closed the door. On the next night the man came by at 11:00pm and again they were in the room with the door locked. Now I’m agree, I asked her are you sure? And she said on the third night she peeked though her door and saw him. She said he looks like Mario. She added, mom told us whatever happens in the house stay in the house but I really miss you dad. I promised Julie that her mother will never know she gave me this info. I also asked her if he ever comes by again, text me and I’ll come over and introduces myself to him. I can see this going bad real first. I know myself and I can imagine all the things that are doing in the room where we slept were we did things. On the way back from the laundry I stopped and picked up a bottle of Jack Denial and try to stop this pain that has returned to my heart. I’m going to find it hard to sit across from her on Sunday (Father’s day diner planed some time ago with the kids) to sit there and pretended I don’t know. I can see it all now, Julie call me to let me know he’s there I’ll drive over and text Julie to open the door then I’ll tell her to go to her room and no matter what you hear don’t come out. I’ll go to the room me and this bitch use to share, I’ll kick the bed room door in because I know it will be locked, and right then my life will end there.  

Joseph Brian Melton April 25 at 4:16pm Report
Hi, everyone it’s been a real long time but I’ve have a real big problem and I was wondering if maybe I did something wrong in this or am I just crazy. Please let me know.
To start, I was in a long term relationship for 19 years and we have 4 lovely children. The reason I’m upset I would like to tell this as on point as I can because we all know when two people brake up there’s always three versions of the story, my version, her version and the truth. I’m going to go through this step by step.
This all began on Valentine Day 2009, or though I thought. I came home from work and was told by the love of my life that her best friend gave her for Valentine Day a 500.00 clock that plays music. I thought that was a little odd but her friend is a little off because for years I and my exgirlfriend’s brother and mother always said she has guy tendencies. (More about that later) I was not that worried about it because if she was hot for her it was not out there like that with it, yet. But it did leave a bad teat in my mouth. I and my ex argued about the gift for a few days and she explanted that they knew each other for 12 years and it was real good friends and she was not sure if she was going to keep it. I left it at that because I didn’t want to fight about it anymore. Days pass and things go on as always but the clock was still in the house. I said nothing about it till I seen my ex texting her friend which they always talked on the telephone. I made a comment why was that texting for so long when she drove her home from work? Her reply was. “Why, so you lessen in on my conversation?” Again I said nothing but a feeling of discuss waved over me. A few more days pass and I no tested my ex taking long baths bringing her cell with her in the bathroom. This was really starting to bug me and I called her on it. We fought about it for a few day till one day we was going to take our children to her friend’s kid party, after she got home from work. I spend the day taking the kids out to the park and given them ice cream when she returned from work she told me that she’s had enough of us and she wanted to be able to talk to other people. I really had no idea on what she was trying to tell me. After a few words I didn’t feel like going anywhere, I stood home and she got a ride with her brother. It got to 9:30pm and I called her to see if everything was fine and she told me they would be home later. I said I would be sleep because I had to work the next day. She said that’s ok and hung up. I must have fallen asleep because it was 1:47am and everyone was asleep but she was in the bed with my 7 year old son in another room. I went back to my room and saw her cell-phone on its charger. I know it was wrong but I look through her cell to find a guy named Eddie’s cell number and some of the things he was texting to her. I put the phone back and got back in the bed. The following day we were both at work when she texted me but I just could not sit on this new info I now knew. I asked her who Eddie was. The text stopped and she called me on the phone. The first thing she said was, why I went through her phone, I asked again why Eddie was. She told me that he was a friend of her’s and that was it, as long as she was not sleeping with him it was ok. Days went on and we fight about the same thing. Finally, I gave up and tried to be understand but it was so hard for me because every time her phone went off I knew it was him, she would not pick it up she would just click it off and my attitude would change. This goes on for a few weeks and we were growing apart, we tried to talk about it but it would turn into a fight till I got fed up and told her to choose. That was not a smart move on my part because she came back with, “we need a break from each other.” My heart dropped and I felt sick to think after all these years it comes to this. I didn’t what to fight her anymore, I packed a few things and took a drive to Road Island and stood one night and did a lot of thinking. She called a few time to tell me how she loves me and don’t want to hurt me and I should stay out in Road Island because we need time apart to see if we are happier away from each other and I need to go on with my life. I begged her to reconsider but it was like she made up her mind. I came back and stayed away a few more days to give her some room. She called me again and told me that she went to a party with someone but there was no sex, no hand holding, and no drinking and she got back by 3: am. I thought to myself why is she telling me this for? Then it came to me, I was going over to take the kids out for awhile and she didn’t want the kids to tell me. But what she told me was a lie because my 13 year old told me that she didn’t get home at three, it was 7am. He said the he saw her at 3: am but she went back out and returned 7 and told him the she went to the store. I really don’t know what that was about. But when I was ready to return to my home she would not have it. She had me changed the locks on the doors and told the kids that I was working overtime at my job. Another few days and she called me to get the rest of my things and she was happier alone and how she didn’t need a man in her life right now but sooner or later she would move on. It was so hurtful to hear her say that and again I begged her to change her mind. On the last time I was in the house it turned into a show down because the kids got an ear full on how mommy cheated on daddy and how daddy is not leaving them mommy is throwing him out on the street, it just crushed them and I was done with all this. I don’t know why all this happened. I then left N.Y to go to SC which did nothing but drink and cry for the three days. I could not handle it any more so I took24 sleeping pills and fell out in the street. I was so sick I was taken to the hospital and they pumped my stomach and wanted to keep me for some time. I wasn’t going to do that so I signed myself out and headed for N.Y. I drove for 13 hours and talked to her mother and as soon as I hang up she call her little girl and gave her peace of her mind but it only made her mad. My ex called me as soon as I got to N.Y. and told me that I should not be talking to her mother about anything and she didn’t want to see me dead and I should stop thinking of myself and think about my kids that love me and cries every time I hang up after talking with them on the phone. Also tell me to pick myself up do for me. I’m staying at my job because I work in a hotel and I have been looking for a place but nothings come through yet. But I can’t sleep nor eat, the nights are so long and the days are unbearable. I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel this turning out any other way but I feel I will end up dead, I’m at the end of my rope.

Joseph Brian Melton May 7 at 6:50pm Report
Throughout history we’ve all read about epic battles and the heroes that raised up and the invasive that were put down. But I have to say nothing in my time on this earth have I been through something like this. I’ve have a really bad few months, and it has not gotten any better. The nails have been pasted into the coffin and there’s no turning back from this one. She said it’s the end of a new beginning but I say I’m done. Tomorrow she hired some guys to bring my all my thing from the house, she also said that it will take them 20 minutes to move 17 boxes of my stuff over to were I’m staying. I guess these guys are from her job but guys still the same. This is what she wants and it but for that past few days she’s been calling me every night at 9:35pm talking to me on the phone and ping real nice but every time I ask her let’s go out and get something to eat or go for a walk and talk, she tells me no, till she told me to stop asking and she will let me know when it’s time for that. (She will ask me)….. But in the mean time she is packing all my things to be moved.?????

Series of Emails between August 2008 - March 2009

Beatrice Acevedo September 1, 2008 at 4:05pm Report 
Ohh sweetheart, my love, my baby. I am so thankful to God we met. I wanna be your little Belgian wife and make you happy for the rest of your life and I wanna make a beautiful little bambino with you.., or a bambina! 

Beatrice Acevedo September 18, 2008 at 10:39am Report
Hi Honey,
Thanks for the wakeup call this morning. I heard the phone but could not hear your voice. kept being disconnected. What a bummer! I am glad we talked yesterday.Love hearing your voice. I don't know what has happened to us lately. Maybe it's because we have not been together yet and are getting impatient. It is not a good thing though not to trust each other, especially since we have only being calling, talking on FB and texted. We haven't touched, kissed or been physically involved but still we care alot about each other and much more. I don't want us to feel this way again. We have been so close and fought together (Tony, the immigration, obstacles of all kind). I hope this time we can make it, amore.
Ti amo molto. Bacci per te. Honey 

Beatrice Acevedo September 22, 2008 at 4:19pm Report
My dear Davey, sweetheart,
I hope you're not gonna get upset at me for wht I am about to tell you. I know it is at the last minute but I feel I have no choice. I talked to the ADD this morning, explained the situation and ask her for advice as to how you should handle tony if a problem should arise. I di not expect that kind of answer or reaction from her. She told me that it almost seems like we used the fact that he hit me once on the lip as an excuse for us to get him out of the house and that therefore when he goes to Court on October 17th he could actually use that against us, actually against me. That could possibly cause me some trouble. The worst case scenario, due to the situation and the Squatter"s law if they rule in his favor he might be allowed to use my place as his residence til he finds something else and I would loose my order of protection. I know it sounds wack but that is unfortunately the reality. I am sure you are as upset and disappointed as I am but I am asking you to be patient and follow the ADD's advice to wait til after the trail for a visit. It would actually be better if I go up there because he would have no proof of my destination. My cell is fixed so please give me a call later so we can talk about this. I ams o sorry baby. Ti amo molto e sempre. Bacci, besos.
Honey Bea    

Beatrice Acevedo August 7, 2008 at 8:39am Report
Bonjour mon chou,
I just got the opportunity to open Facebook and read your message.I know you would be blinded by desire, that's why I did it. I am such a naughty girl, hehe....
Pauvre singe, il travaille overtime et ce n'est rien en comparaison du"overtime" qu'il va faire quand tu arrives a New York. Yeah, I want us to do it nice and slow! I want us to take our time.
Many kisses to you too, everywhere.
Je t'aime, mon amour.
Your message makes me feel better because I had to deal with Tony again this morning. He bothered me at home then he won't stop calling my job to start arguing. I told him that if he does not stop that I will go to Court. I told him he has to leave soon because it's over and I will never change my mind. He then called me selfish! If somebody has been selfish throughout the years it's him. I can't wait for you to come down here, Baby. I need you so much by my side. Whether he wants it or not he must leave. He has to accept that our love is meant to last and what we mean to each other. You are truly the man I was waiting for all those years. I love you sooo much.
Can't wait to hear your voice tonight!!
Bacci, bacci.
Your Honey Bea forever.

Beatrice Acevedo August 19, 2008 at 3:41pm Report
Ti amo, Je t'aime, te quiero, ish liebe disch, ik hou van jou....
We will be together for our B'days the latest!
Let's talk about all this tonight and make plans. When there is a will there is a way! Love will find a way.
Your Honey Bea forever.

Beatrice Acevedo August 25, 2008 at 9:28am Report
Bonjour mon cheri,
Now that I have a few minutes of privacy, let em tell you how I am gonna take care of you. First I will "try" to undress you slowly...if I am too impatient I am gonna have to rip your clothes off!!
I am going to kiss you slowly, then more and more passionately. I love French kissing and I am pretty good at it so I will stick my tongue inside your mouth, stroke yours, suck on it,caressing the inside of your lips with my tongue. I will also kiss your neck and nibble on your earlobe, using different levels of pressure. I will caress your whole body using my soft hands. I want to suck your nipples. I find it very exciting for both of us!
I will then move my way down south and take care of those speacial parts of yours with my hands by stroking the monkey first slowly then increasing the pressure as I look at the expression on your face. I will alternate between stroking the "singe" and using it as a lollipop with lots of tongue action, up and down on the shaft, the tip and using my lips as well. I will do that til you scream with pleasure then I will ride you and push you deep inside of me.
Now I think you are like a volacno about to erupt!!!
I hope you enjoyed reading my sex message :)
Til we meet in a month maybe we could do phone and text sex!!! What do you think? Would you enjoy that?
I love you with all my heart baby. I enjoyed hearing your sexy voice this morning telling me in details how you're gonna make love to me.
You are my true love Darling.
Can't wait to see you, be with you and have you inside of me.
Bacci, bisous.
Honey Bea

Beatrice Acevedo August 29, 2008 at 3:09pm Report
Can't wait to hear your sexy husky male voice tonight. You rule my world Baby!
By the way, I saw Tony this morning and he said he does not think you are right for me and that there is something wrong with you. I said that of course he has to say that since he is jealous. He would say that just about any man!! He also said he is worried for me and the kids. Look who's talking...he has got balls to talk this way after what happened!
I don't give a rat's ass about his opinion anyway. Who the fuck doe she think he is? 

 -------     -----------     ------------   

         David was in the midst of an emotional roller coaster in a long distance relationship  ... an LDR?  or so he thought.Family and friends tried to tell him that it was not real.She kept up with reassurances. 

     ---------    ------ ----------   

Beatrice Acevedo
Add as Friend
November 20 at 10:41am
Report Message
Hi amore mio.
I am so sorry the cell, your family and friends are puting doubts on your mind. Try not to be so insecure please because I suffered in my past relationships because of that and it does worries me. I understand perefectly your reasons though. You can't get in touch with me plus people are miserable with their own lives and try to put negative ideas on your mind so you drop me. That is so typical of them not to mind their own business. I don't care about them but I do care and love you. please don't forget that. I truly treasure you my sweetheart and I want to make you happy.
Thank you for the updates and taking care of business. You have shown me that you are the man who can take good care of the kids and me. I wanna build a future with you and be together til the day I die.
Tonight I have parent teacher conference at 7PM. I should be home by 8. We will have dinner then I will text you. It might be at 10 or earlier. I have a lot to do tonight since Mickey has a spelling and math test tomorrow to prep for. I cross my fingers we can talk. I miss your voice. Don't worry. You do not bother me at the hotel at all. It actually brightens my day!
Rest well sleepyhead.
I love you with all my heart. Ti amo.
Bacci, bacci.

To: XXXXX@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 08:23:35 -0700
From: beatrice@mayfairnewyork.com

Thanks for writing and let out some of the steam that has been accumulated recently.
Actually, believe me or not, I have no idea when we are getting the bonus. According to the ladies in the office, so far, no activity has happened with Bob. Usually, he takes hours checking every employee's hours,seniority ect..... We are all concerned that due to the lack of business in December he is taking his time and will give it to us a couple of days before Christmas. That is not cool! We are all upset.
I read several times your email and was a little surprised by some of the content and tone.
First, about the money. The reason I expected some help from you is because of the $600.00 on the Helio bill due to long conversations between Canada and the US, let's say half and half, the excess was paid thanks to your generosity and I appreciate your help but it seems like you are throwing it in my face and that it unpleasant for me. You lost $400.00 trying to cross over. It could be considered half and half but even if the DA had said it was ok, it would not have changed anything since you did not have a birth certificate.
Your lack of trust, insecurities and jealousy, well I think that they have been anchored in you for way before "out time". If the case was reversed and you had "cell" problems, I would not think anything bad of it because I am a trustful person. I suffered with two relationships because of such issues and although I don't consider myself paranoid or traumatized, I am still very sensitive and cautious, especially since I have two children. They are my life and will always come first, even before my own pleasure and convenience, which leads to the subject of me come and visit you in December alone. I am so sorry but that I can't do and it is not due to Mickey. I talked to Josh about it and to be honest with you, he is worried about me traveling alone to go and see a "man I never even met in my life". He likes you a lot but is still healing from what happened with his stepfather. It is gonna take him a while to open up to the idea of me being in a relationship. That surprised me when he told me so because he always seemed enthusiastic when he talked to you on the phone or I mentioned you and me but he only did it beacuse it made me happy.
I am so sorry to disappoint you but I have no choice but to stay in The States.
I have also wondered why we encountered so many obstacles over the least few months, as if a force out there was keeping us apart. I believe everything happens for a reason and our lives are in God's hands. It will be whatever he decides is best for us.
Recently, our relationship has been a burden on you emotionally. Obviously, all the delays, obstacles, lack of communication have made you unease and unhappy. I care about you a lot and don't like seeing you this way. I want you to be happy, even if it means for you to renounce to me and look for a good woman, living close to you that would bring you the happiness you deserve.
I think we are at the crossroads right now, not next year. It is hard for me to live under the pressure you are putting on me. I can't handle that. It is scaring me. I am sorry for being dramatic but I suffered a lot and don't want to go through that pain and problems again. I would rather be alone than live this way.
I am not breaking up with you but I need you to be reasonable and use another tone when we communicate via email. It felt very authoritative to me and I don't like it. I now feel very unease.
I am sorry if those words seemed harsh but I had to tell you how I feel. Let's both think about all this and talk in a few days.
Ti amo, I love you.
Bacci, bacci. your Honey Bea  

To: XXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 11:44:52 -0700
From: beatrice@mayfairnewyork.com

My dear XXX
I never imagined I would have to write these sad words but unfortunately due to our situation, circumstances and fate I feel it is necessary.
I appreciate your honesty in the diverse voicemails you left me as well as during our phone conversation yesterday.
You are a great human being with a heart of gold and I think you deserve much better than the situation we have been in for many months now.
We have been in a long distance, sort of "blind date" relationship in which we never had the opportunity to meet face to face and share some good moments ( and not just physically).
All the delays due to immigration, court, paperwork and complications of all kinds, including my damn cell have made you extremely frustrated and unhappy and that's not what I want for you. I want you to be happy and not feel lonely anymore. Even if we finally get together, what will happen next? More months of frustration til we can financially afford another trip? What about immigration and its suspicious system? Obviously it would be close to impossible for either you or me to immigrate even if we get married. Some kind of force out there has been keeping us apart for some reason. Maybe God has other plans for both of us?
I am so sorry but I think it is best if we put an end to all that misery. I will always treasure the memories I have of all our conversations. I will never forget them or you. You will always have a special place in my heart but I can't go through with this anymore and obviously so can't you. This is also putting a high financial burden on you and it is not fair. At your age you should enjoy your own space, in your own apartment or studio and enjoy life. Instead of that you are stuck between your mom's house and your job, without going out, meet friends and have fun. You also need some sort of emotional and physical contact with a woman.
I want your happiness that's why I am writing this letter to you. I did a lot of thinking last night and barely slept. I am very sad and will be for along time. I will be lonely and will turn all my attention on my boys' wellbeing and happiness.
I wish you happiness and please don't be sad. Deep inside,we both know it is for the best. Time heals all wounds.
We can keep in touch of course. Feel free to let me know how things are going. I will always be happy to hear from you.
I love you. Thnak you again for all the love, support and happiness you gave me.

To: XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 06:42:52 -0700
Subject: Re: Comprimise
From: beatrice@mayfairnewyork.com

Dear XXX,
Thank you for your email. I apologize for not answering sooner. I feel like I deglected you recently and I am sorry about that. It should not be this way.
All I have been focused on recently is settling my debts, try to save money and spend quality time with the kids.
I think I am going to some sort of phase as far as love, feelings and dating is concerned. I feel dry and empty as if I had nothing to offer. It is so strange and I hate feeling this way but it is the reality. I lost my libido and and am not even missing it. It's like I am used to be by myself and am fine with it.
Meanwhile you have been waiting patiently for me. Please don't wait anymore. That's not right. Don't waste both your time and money for me. Forget about me and focus on your self instead. Save money, get a studio to reach your independency and please go out and give other females a chance. It's not a life for you. You are 38, healthy and should enjoy" physical activity" and feel loved.
I care a lot about you, we have a strong bond, you are a great guy but I can't be with anybody now til I put the pieces of my life together and that's gonna take a long time. I am even thinking about moving to Florida within a year. I am fed up with New York, its people, the cold and the Mayfair but we'll see about that.
I am not depressed but finf myself indecisive and you should not have to pay for that. Please don't try to convince me to change my mind because once I take a decision I don't go back.
I hope I am not being too abrupt but I have to be honest with you. You are very dear to me but deserve better.
I wish you the best life can bring you. Thanks for everything you did for me and the boys.

From: beatrice@mayfairnewyork.com
Sent: February 24, 2009 9:28:09 AM
To: XXX XXXXX (XXXXX@hotmail.com)

I'll tell you what the purpose of life is, buddy. As of yetewrday I deny God's existence. You know why? Because no matter how much I pray him, he never listens. He does give me what can make my life finally peaceful and happy. I broke down at the job today. If it were not for Joe, I would still feel suicidal.

I have to make my peace with you. I am not the woman you think I am . I lied to you for months and cheated on you with my ex. I am expecting a baby boy in June. That's my punishment, my curse for beahvibg lime a slut and a heatless bitch. I hope you hate my guts now taht I have told you the truth. Find yourself a good woman and move on. There is nothing for you to be longing for cause i am not worth it. If it makes you feel better, I am very unhappy. Looks like I will never find peace and happiness but you will, trust me.

Good luck with everything    

     Beatrice had left another disturbing email to David with a depressed suicidal tone.He called up her boyfriend to get him to work things out with her and let everyone move on ... and then : 

No more phone calls to Tony!!!
From: beatrice@mayfairnewyork.com
Sent: March 5, 2009 9:28:23 AM
To: 'David XXXXX' (xXXXXXX@hotmail.com)


Please, do me a favor. Do not call Tony ever again because there was no reason for this. I am sorry I sent you that email the other day. I felt depressed, stressed out and did not know who to turn to. I needed to let it out and that's what I did. I never said I was in any kind of danger. How did you obtain his cell, by the way? I never gave it to you.

Tony and I had a long talk yesterday and he was sober. We had no argument, just a simple talk between two responsible grown ups and it should always be this way. He asked me how come you called him and I had to admit I sent you that email, which obviously was the wrong move on my part. Of course it made him be unease which I understand perfectly. The main reason I broke up with him is because I had met you. The drinking was also a big part of it but not the only trigger, let's be honest here. I understand your concern and I really appreciate it but that decision you took to leave him such a voicemail could have had a negative outcome, meaning making things worse since Tony would be wondering why the man who caused the breakup and had a long distance realtionship with his woman for months now is calling him and seems to know about the problems in details. I was shocked and a little angry when he told me you had made that call AND left a voicemail. I wish you had consulted with me and checked on me directly either by mail, text or call before taking such a spontaneous decision.

I really like you but I think we should cease contact for now. This is not healthy. I am trying hard to pick up the pieces of my life and earn Tony's trust again since you and me had an emotional affair so by bringing you back in the picture like this with direct contact it is making things worse. He must avoid any stress or pressure that would trigger drinking.

I hope you understand and I am very sorry for worrying you. I hope my words were not too harsh but I felt the need to be honest with you.

Take good care of yourself. I will be fine. It might take some time but it is worth it for the children's sake. They need a father and mother who love and respect each other and also a safe, motivating environment. That's what my objective is.


Series of Emails between June 2008 - September 2008

Beatrice Acevedo
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May 20 at 11:45am
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I saw you on "Are You Interested" (http://apps.facebook.com/yesnomaybe/?f=m) and wanted to say hi! 


Beatrice Acevedo
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May 30 at 1:58pm
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Hey there! Come stai? Tutto bebe, spero.
I did have a busy week. We are flooded with European tourists. I had to finish a new booking website in Europe to boost sales and I was bored to death calculating prices and loading them. when I wa sdone I could barely see!!
Thanks for the compliment. You are a cutie!
I will bite you again..
xoxo Bea  


Beatrice Acevedo
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June 13 at 2:44pm
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Grazie mille. Sei bravo e dolce anche te!
How are you? How did you survive the heat? Crazy, isn't it?
How it would be cool to be an airline pilot! Good luck with that.
Thanks for the compliment! You're too sweet!
You're right, Acevedo is Spanish. I still have my married name since due to immigration was unable to divorce. It has been 9 years of separation already! Never too late though..
Gotta visit NY one day. I'll show you around. Where do you live?
Ok, I'll bite you when you least expect it....Be afraid....
Enjoy the weekend.xoxo


Beatrice Acevedo
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June 13 at 10:30pm
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hey David. Come stai bello? Tutto bene,spero. Thanks for writing. You nade me feel so much better since I was pretty upset about something. Reading your message mad me smile. Grazie mille! Thanks for the compliments. Glad you wanna hug. I would not mind....You live in a nice area of Canada. Have you ever lived in the
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Beatrice Acevedo
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June 13 at 10:37pm
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sorry,I pressed the "send" button too fast! Have you ever lived in the US? What is your occupation? Are you single,married,divorced.......
.?Did you notice we were both in September one year apart? anyway,sono molto stanca adesso,allora ti llascio per il momento. Ci sentiamo presto mon amour. Buona notte. Bacci. Bea
Sent via Facebook Mobile  


Beatrice Acevedo June 17, 2008 at 5:35pm Report
Hi Davey. You have no idea How happy I was to read your message and what a message it was. it almost felt like a letter. We already have another thing in common,we like talking. That sounds nice. Today I stayed home since I was feeling under the weather but you put a smile on my face.Tomorrow I am home too sinced my younger son Michael (we call him Mickey) is graduating from Kindergaarten. I had better take tissues just in case I have something in my eye.....you know what I mean. It was so moving when Joshua (10) graduated,especially when the kids sang "you are my sunshine"to their mom and brought you a rose! Mickey is 5. They're my little men,always there for me . They give me a lot of amore and joy. We have a lot fun together. They are as goofy as heir mom. I love joking and a little nuts sometimes. I believe a good sense of humor helps you go through any stress or problems more smoothly. I work with my best friends so we work hard but have fun. The atmosphere is laid back. No uniformsIPod welcome at the front desk. We're all goofballs who entertain the guests.I have lots of regulars. We make it very homey.My boss is a nutcase who is freaking out when something goes wrong but I pay no mind to him anymore. Actually I can imitate him very well (one of my talents). We were busy during the weekend but once again we are all the time. Excellent year for business. Xmas bonus should be great! You seem very busy yourself with your ob. Interesting how you got your inspiration! The other day I had a George Michael checking in with his wife but that was a regular Joe who happens to have that name! Now as far as my private life story is concerned my story is complicated. To summarize it my sons are from 2 different fathers. I married Joshua's father at the age of 26 and left him after 2 years of hell since he was abusive. Josh was a baby and does not remember him. I told him the story though. I believe honesty is important with kids. I lived with Josh for 2 years just the two of us. One day I met a man witth his ddaughter at the playground. We tallked and he seemed perfect for me since he was divorced with a child. I'll be honest with you since I like you. In the six years we haived togher we got separated twice which was my decision. He is an alcoholic and I can't live this way. The last time we came back together he begged me and promised he would stop. of course he still does it,not so bad but that is enough to upset me. I am not happy with him and lost all the love I had. It's a question of time before I break up for good . I would love to keep talking to you and get to know you better but I'll understand ifr you don't want nything do with me after what I told you. I really like you so I hope you're not upset.Just in case ,my cell is 917 684 8653. I am always alone in the evening. Tanti bacci per te. The little devil in the blue dress.
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Beatrice Acevedo June 19, 2008 at 11:02am Report
Hi Davey,
How are you today, Love?Well, I hope.
I saw wht you wrote about "being stung by a honey B" and you put a big smile on my face. That is sooo cute! I love it.
I hope what I told you in my last email did not throw you off.
Have a great day, Davey.
Tanti bacci.

Beatrice Acevedo June 20, 2008 at 5:48pm Report
Hi Davey. Thanks for writing. Once again you made me feel better. It took me two hours to do everything. I had to take the bus to see the doctor,wait a little,get the exam,a prescription, walk all the way back,go to Duane Reade to drop off the prescription,picked it up half an hour later to be told they rn out and could order it for Monday. Eh,hello my son's eye is about to pop out...can't wait. I found it in a tiny pharmacy up the block. God bless them They earned my business! Mickey might be drowsy a little. Maybe I'll take a nap with him.All the running around made me tired and hungry. I ate an entire bagel! Mick shoulld be better by tomorrow so we can go the backyard and play in the plastic pool. Beware of the devil with the watergun,she can shoot you right in the heart but you know that already,don't ya?lol. I will check the website and check what you have been up to in the sky! Thanks for the compliment about the Italian. Yea,I am a teacher,a really good one! That was funny what you said about your head inflated like a 'acy's balloon! You made me lol. tanti bacci cuore mio. Bea
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Beatrice Acevedo June 21, 2008 at 4:32pm Report
hi Davey. I need to let out my stress and sorrow right now and you are the only one I feel like talking to right now. My partner is terribly frunk right now. Has been drinking since last night with the excuse he is miserable because his twelve year old daughter won't see him. Obviously he hurt and damaged her which I told him but he won't recoginize it. We had a big fight and I told him I wa fed up with this miserable life and with him. He said to give him two months but I don't believe he wants to leave. I can't afford to move out. I am thinking about taking a loan and leave NY this summer and find another place to live. I want him out of my life. I am very unhappy. Please wait for me amore. I care about you a lot. You were on my mind,I could see your face as I had to listen to that bastard. Miss you. Wish I could hear your voice but that's not safe at the weekend. Let's talk on Monday and think about a plan. Adesso to lascio con tanti bacci tesore. It's safe to write on Facebook. I get it on my cell.

Yes you did! and God knows I needed it. My weekend was totally spoiled but I put the bastard back to his place. I have no intention to continue living like this and told him so. I am a happy, cheerful, optimistic person and can't stand negativity. Anyway, love it when you speak French. It's soo cute and sexy! ok, Beatrice...cool off!
That would be nice to hear your voice. I'll be waiting!
I just received a thank you postcard from a French couple who stayed with us last month. That is so sweet.
Have a great day at work, Amore mio. My day si going well. Shared laughs with buddies!
Ci sentiamo presto.


Beatrice Acevedo June 28, 2008 at 2:42pm Report
Hi Baby. Thanks for the message. I am glad you feel the same about me! I had a great time last night. I was in teats laughing. you gotta see this show when you come to NYC. I am spending time in the backyard with the kids,the landlady and her grandkids. we are having a blast in the pool. I am all wet! Took some night shots of the kids and also myself. You'll see them soon! Are you working today? Tony went out for a beer at the bar. He was up all night and day but I am enjoying my time with the kids,just us. I can'twait for you to be with us! I wish you were her now instead of him. We will have so much fun together. Ti amo con tutto il mio cuore.
Sent via Facebook Mobile 

Hi Davey,amore mio. I had a nice afternoon with the kids until it started pouring so bad the whole living room and hallway got flooded. I had my feet completely in water. Il imbecile came back from the bar after I practically had soaked up all the water with towels and a sponge mop. We started arguing when he said we should not sanitize right away but let it air dry. Eh, hello the room is full of soil and worse! The tone of the voices went up. I told him I was tired living like this and could do better. Then he got really pissed. I went in the other room,paid no mind to him. when I came back he was passed out on the couch. Good ridance! God I want to be with you so bad! I hope we will meet face to face very soon. I wanna give you the best kisses you ever had in your life and much more. I wanna take your breath away and make your heart beat faster than the TGV my love. Ti amo. Non posso aspettare lunedi per sentire la tua dolce vocce. Ahem....more harpooning! Honey Bea

Beatrice Acevedo July 30, 2008 at 4:33pm Report
Hey Baby. I had a session with him myself! He did not stop calling me at the job to talk about the session he had with you on FB. I can imagine how lively it was. he would not stop texting either and since I was not answering he threatened to drive to the hotel with the kids and tell everyone what is going on. I told him not to do that for his own sake,that I going to call the cops. the bad news is that he is home today. He said he wanted to go to the hospital because of the excruciating pain in his ass. After I got home he went to a local doctor who gave him another appointment for tonight with a Gastroenterologist. Now he is passed out and he is supposed to be there at 6:30. I love you with all my heart Davey and I wanna be with you always. It is rough right now but we are almost there amore. You are the sweetest thing. I wanna hear your voice tonight! Honey Bea
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Beatrice Acevedo July 31, 2008 at 11:38am Report
Mon amour Davey,
It 's always nice reading a message from you in the morning when I start worlk. It litterally brightens my day.
Yeah, it was a little hard for me to talk last night. Sorry about that. I just want to avoid scenes in front of the kids until the situation is resolved.
We will catch up tonight! Soon we will do some real catching up...know what I'm saying???
I love you honeydew.
Honey Bea


Beatrice Acevedo August 6, 2008 at 7:24am Report
Bonjour, mon bebe
Really...your eyes are blurry staring? Wow...I'm glad you like the pics!
I feel the same exact way about you. I feel so blessed having you in my life, loving you and being loved by you in a way I imagined only existed in love novels and movies. You are truly the man I was looking for all these years. I don't have a a single doubt about that. Nothing or nobody can keep me away from you til the day I die.
Je vais te serrer dans mes bras pour toujours mon amour.
bisous, bacci...
Ta honey Bea.



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